NIHR Organizes a Videoconference Lecture in Cooperation with “FORAS” Program on Standards for Announce and Unannounced Visits to Correction and Rehabilitation Centres

14 Mar 2021

The National Institution for Human Rights (NIHR), in cooperation with “FORAS” program, organized a videoconference lecture on standards for announced and unannounced visits to the correction and rehabilitation centres, presented by Mr. Khalid Abdul-Aziz Al-Sha’er, NIHR Vice Chairperson, in which he discussed the definition of detention and rehabilitation centres, the legal framework for the visitation mechanism, standards for visiting prisons and places of detention, and the basic principles for the treatment of prisoners.

This lecture comes within the NIHR’s training programs, which aim to develop research, analysis and critical thinking skills in the area of human rights, and to develop skills in the legal and human rights area by providing information on human rights principles and concepts.