NIHR holds Awareness Lecture for the Nepalese Community

30 Oct 2018

Within the scope of its role in disseminating the culture of human rights and raising awareness of residents with their rights and duties, the National Institution for Human Rights (NIHR) organized an awareness lecture on its competences and mechanism for submitting complaints, at the NIHR's headquarters in Seef district, which targeted the Nepalese community.

The lecture was presented by Mr. Abdulla Alderazi, NIHR's Vice Chairperson, and Dr. Hameed Husain, Member of the Council of Commissioners, who briefed the attendees on the services provided by the NIHR to the expatriate workers, based upon its keenness to introduce them it its role in the service of the society, benefiting all citizens and residents as well.  The attendees expressed their appreciation to the NIHR for holding this event.

The NIHR intends to hold a number of events in the clubs of foreign communities in Bahrain during the last quarter of this year in promotion of the established human rights principle "human rights for all".