NIHR participates in “Arab Network for National Human Rights Institutions” Meeting in Cairo

10 Dec 2019

The National Institution for Human Rights (NIHR), represented by Mr. Khaled Abdulaziz Alshaer, NIHR’s Vice-chairperson, participated in the 16th General Assembly meeting of the Arab Network for National Human Rights Institutions (ANNHRI), which concluded in Cairo, capital of Egypt, with the participation of national institutions from various Arab countries as well as international institutions and figures of human rights.

During the meeting, a number of national institutions that are members to the ANNHRIs have presented working papers in which they discussed the developments and challenges they face aiming to benefit from them in updating ANNHRI’s strategy next years.

The ANNHRI Executive Director also presented a report on the ANNHRI’s achievements and results, in addition to the development proposals related to training and qualification and updating the ANNHRI’s strategic plan for the next years.