NIHR’s Committee on Detention & Facilities Visitation Has Proceeded its Field Visits to Isolation and Quarantine Centers Begin

11 Apr 2020

The Kingdom of Bahrain has taken precautionary measures and preventive actions to limit the spread of Coronavirus (Covid-19), taking into consideration common human rights, namely the right to health, which is a basic human right, and the right to privacy, in addition to the adoption of transparency and clarity in the transfer of information, continuing the enhancement of its position in the respect for human rights on national and international levels.

In activation of the National Institution for Human Rights (NIHR)’s supervisory role stipulated in its Incorporation Law and within its plan to follow-up the application of standards relating to the protection and enhancement of human rights in examination, isolation and quarantine procedures under such exceptional circumstances, the NIHR’s Committee on Detention & Facilities Visitation has proceeded on its field visits to isolation, treatment and precautionary quarantine centers, while meeting with medical staff and communicating with some of the isolated and quarantined persons, in order to practically review the extent of availability of human rights that should be watched under such circumstances and to closely ensure that the safety, nutrition, cleanliness, medical care and various support services provided to them are consistent with the preventive measures recognized by the World Health Organization.

The Committee shall continue its field visits to various sites and meet with the concerned people in order to ensure the application of appropriate standards in this regard and the provision of medical and psychological consultancy to the isolated and quarantined persons in a manner that complies with various human rights.