Khoury: Amnesty for Convicts and Application of Alternative Punishments are Civilized Steps that promote Human Rights

18 Dec 2019

Ms. Maria Khoury, Chairperson of the National Institution for Human Rights (NIHR), stated that the royal amnesty for 269 convicts and the replacement of the punishments of 530 convicts with alternative sentencing are civilized steps that promote human rights and consolidate family relations that enhance the stability of society.  In addition, they are an important tributary of the protection and promotion of human rights as they rely on rehabilitation of the convicts with the aim of integrating them into society and humanization of sanctions and disseminate the spirit of love, tolerance, responsibility and community partnership among all members of the same family in the society, which are goals that are consistent with human rights.

Ms. Khoury called on all beneficiaries of those alternative punishments whether families or convicts, to positively interact and cooperate with the competent authorities to achieve the essential purpose of those alternative sanctions, inviting at the same time various private and public sectors, bodies and civil society organizations to accept those who are subject to the alternative sanctions and measures to effectively contribute to their success and expansion.

Ms. Khoury stated that alternative punishments and measures are a creative idea that ensures reconciliation between the success of the goal of the sanction and the human rights values as well as victory of the reform and rehabilitation culture in its essence that adds confident and positive progress to the human rights record of the Kingdom of Bahrain.