NIHR communicates with Expatriate Workers in Isolation, Treatment and Precautionary Quarantine Centres

19 Apr 2020

The National Institution for Human Rights (NIHR) has continued its field visits to isolation, treatment and precautionary quarantine centres as well as meeting with medical teams and communicating with some of the isolated or quarantined persons in order to ensure that all the centres adhere to the precautionary measures followed in dealing with Coronavirus and that all human rights that should be watched in such conditions are being practiced.

The NIHR communicated with some expatriate workers, examined their living conditions in isolation, treatment and precautionary quarantine centres and ensured that they enjoy safety, cleanliness and healthcare in accordance with the established standards, and that they are provided with water and appropriate varied food, including basic meals and drinking water around the clock.

During its direct follow-up, the NIHR praised the measures taken by the Kingdom of Bahrain in order to provide an appropriate environment for expatriate workers under such exceptional condition, and the humane dealing with all residents, which is part of the culture and ethics of Bahraini society based on tolerance, cooperation and mercy in general, and principles and laws related to international covenants and agreements related to human rights in particular.

In this regard, Ms. Maria Khoury, Chairperson of the NIHR, pointed out that the decision to use the radio station (FM 104.2) in broadcasting health education messages is of great human rights importance, calling on all to adhere to the directives issued by the concerned authorities, stressing that the NIHR will be in contact with the radio to support its activity in providing health and human rights guidelines within the framework of the national efforts of the National Campaign to Combat Coronavirus (Covid-19), noting at the same time that the NIHR stands at the forefront of national and international human rights institutions that support the human rights file in dealing with Coronavirus.