Alshaer: “NIHR supports the Efforts of “Ministry of Education” to ensure the Right to Education and Employment of Bahraini Competencies”

01 Oct 2019

The Vice-chairperson of the National Institution for Human Rights (NIHR), Mr. Khaled Abdulaziz Alshaer, commended the great efforts extended by the Ministry of Education in providing access for all and guaranteeing the right to education, while ensuring that education is compulsory and free at the basic educational stages until the end of secondary school, which is pursuant to the provision of the Bahrain Constitution, affirming the fundamental rights of all citizens.

Alshaer added that the image of the Kingdom of Bahrain in the recently issued international reports call for pride and honor with regard to the tangible and continuous progress achieved by the educational field in all aspects, especially with regard to equal opportunities and gender equality, as well as the great progress in the area of removing illiteracy, the keenness to provide high quality education, the integration of people with special needs in the public schools and the expansion of this unique type of educational services provide to this class of people, until the number of integration schools this year has reached 82 schools distributed in various governorates, which benefit hundreds of students of various groups and provide them with education appropriate for their potentials and health conditions, enabling them to enjoy their right to education.

On the other hand, Mr. Alshaer expressed the NIHR’s support for the efforts expanded by the Ministry, in the field of employing Bahraini citizens in educational jobs as well as providing scholarships to thousands of outstanding students, with the maximum amount of justice and equality among the citizens of the country based upon academic merit.