NIHR is organizing Round Table on the Reality of People with Autism

02 Oct 2018

The National Institution for Human Rights (NIHR) organized a round table entitled “The Reality of People with Autism Spectrum in Bahrain”, which was attended by a number of Their Excellency members of the Council of Representatives, the Shura Council, representatives of relevant government agencies, civil society organizations and a number of parents of persons with autism, in order to discuss some of the challenges that people with autism may face and their enjoyment of various rights and public freedoms.

During the event, which was managed by Dr. Hameed Husain, Head of the NIHR’s Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, the attendees addressed the heavy moral and economic burdens imposed by the autism spectrum on those affected by the disorder and their families, and discussed the reality of people with autism spectrum with the relevant bodies, in order to provide support to people with autism spectrum, by making practical recommendations on the implementation of some legislative amendments and proposals to promote the rights of this group, and enhance the prospects of partnership with CSOs related to people with autism, which is deemed necessary to determine the nature of the needs of this group.

The event highlighted the suffering of young and old people with autism, and mostly focused on the needs of this group, the main challenges they may face and how to integrate them into society, as the main problem of this group lies in the community’s awareness of their situation.

The Roundtable on “The Reality of People with Autism Spectrum in Bahrain”, which was hosted by the NIHR, concluded with a number of recommendations and proposals to overcome the difficulties faced by people with autism spectrum and to improve their enjoyment of their full rights and fundamental freedoms.