NIHR receives a Delegation from the EU Mission

04 Apr 2018

Ms. Maria Khouri, Chairperson of the National Institution for Human Rights (NIHR) received Mr. Alexis Konstantopoulos, Senior Adviser to a delegation of the EU Mission to the countries of the region. Present was Dr. Khalifa bin Ali Al-Fadel, Secretary-General of the NIHR.

During the meeting, Ms. Khouri welcomed Mr. Konstantopoulos, stressing the deep relations between the Kingdom of Bahrain and the European Union and the development they witness in various areas, expressing her appreciation for the good efforts exerted by the delegates of the EU Mission to enhance the relations between the two sides in everything that would develop the human rights work and establish principles of respect for human rights and dignity.

Ms. Khouri presented a brief on the human rights situation in Bahrain and the NIHR’s role in dealing with it through constant communication with relevant authorities to find out the most important facts and developments, with a view to continue the success of the human rights, democracy and development march in Bahrain.

For his part, Mr. Konstantopoulos expressed his thanks and appreciation for the NIHR’s good reception and hospitality, stressing that the EU Mission is fully prepared to support the NIHR’s action in the area of human rights to empower it and support efforts to achieve its goals.