Alshaer: NIHR has trained more than 2502 persons since the beginning of this year

06 Nov 2019

Mr. Khaled Abdulaziz Alshaer, Vice-chairperson of the National Institution for Human Rights (NIHR), stressed that the NIHR is constantly working to improve the quality of training programs it offers based upon the best practices which constitute the main entry point to promote a culture of human rights among all segments of society in order to ensure the maximum benefit from them to reflect positively on the trainees and the bodies they represent, as those programs are offered by a  number of specialized staff in the legal and human rights area.

Alshaer explained that the number of beneficiaries of the NIHR’s training programs since the beginning of this year has reached more than 2502. The beneficiaries of the training and educational programs included law-enforcement officials academics, consultancy and trade union bodies, in addition to representatives of civil society organizations, youth, school and university students, human rights defenders and a number of private and commercial institutions.