NIHR briefs US Congressional Staff on its Role in the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights

07 Nov 2019

On the sidelines of their visit to the Kingdom of Bahrain, Counselor-at-law Yasser Ghanim Shaheen, Secretary General of the National Institution for Human Rights (NIHR), received a delegation from US Congressional Staff, in the Presence of Mr. Fahad Al Mualla, NIHR Resources and Services Director, and Mrs. Latifa Al Jalahma, NIHR Legal Affairs and Training Director.

During the meeting, the Secretary General welcomed the visiting delegation and explained to them that the NIHR is celebrating the 10th anniversary of its establishment, which falls on Sunday the 10th of November 2019.  He gave them a detailed explanation about the NIHR’s competencies and terms of reference, pointing out that the NIHR performs its role in providing legal consultancy on human rights to the relevant bodies, in addition to its role in receiving complaints, providing legal assistance and conducting daily monitoring of the medial and social media, as well as mechanisms of dealing and following-up with the complaints raised by them, noting at the same time the positive steps taken by the Kingdom of Bahrain in the area of the promotion and protection of human rights and the great benefit from the programs offered by the NIHR related to the dissemination of a culture of human rights in the society.

For their part, the delegation expressed their deep thanks for the good reception and raised a number of inquiries about the NIHR’s work and terms of reference contained in its Incorporation Law, which were all answered by the NIHR’s Secretary General.