NIHR discusses ways of strengthening cooperation with European Union delegation

09 Oct 2019

The Chairperson of the National Institution for Human Rights (NIHR), Ms. Maria Khoury, stated that the NIHR is working hard to support and strengthen the human rights system in the Kingdom of Bahrain, by strengthening national capacities at the legal and human rights level in accordance with its mandate through a strategy and an action plan established within the framework of a comprehensive national vision.

This was during her reception of Mr. Alexis Konstantopoulos, Deputy Ambassador of the EU Delegation accredited to the Kingdom, residing in Riyadh.  The two sides discussed issues of common interest and the role of the NIHR through its constant communication with the relevant authorities to find out the most important facts and events, in order to continue the success of the human rights march in the Kingdom.  They also made a review of the declared and undeclared visits by the NIHR to reform, rehabilitation and detention centers as well as the positive impacts of the application of the Alternative Sanctions and Measures Law that enhances the protection of human rights.

For his part, Mr. Alexis Konstantopoulos stressed the readiness of the Delegation to support the NIHR’s work in the field of human rights with a view to empower it in support of the efforts to achieve its objectives.