NIHR’s Committee on Complaints, Monitoring and Follow-up convenes its 8th Regular Meeting

21 Dec 2017

The National Institution for Human Rights (NIHR)’s Committee on Complaints, Monitoring and Follow-up has convened its 8th regular meeting, under the chairpersonship of Mrs. Dina Al-Lazi and membership of Mr. Khalid Al-Shaer and Mrs. Rawda Al-Aradi.

During the meeting, the Committee discussed the overall complaints as well as requests for assistance and legal advice recently received by it, where the claims ranged included termination from work without stating the reasons, failure to receive treatment and healthcare and deprivation from the freedom of movement, for which the standard actions have been taken and the relevant authorities have been contacted for follow-up.

It is worth mentioning that the NIHR receives complaints and requests for assistance through personal attendance, the toll-free hotline 80001144, the NIHR’s website, or via the NIHR Bahrain smartphone application anywhere.